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The Mall of Un-America

At The Big Mall 2/21/20

Ever been to the Mall of America or MOA, as the locals call it? If you are reading this article and you are from another country outside of the United States of America, then you are probably confused by the name of the mall it’s self.

Actually, MOA is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is in North America, not Central or South America. If I lived in Central or South America, I would be rolling my eyes. Pretty pretentious of the MOA owners, or board of directors, or city planners, or bankers to name a mall in Minneapolis, Minnesota the “Mall of America!”

Go back even further in history and picture the “truest sense of North America, and Minnesota.” Yes, I am talking about the first native peoples, including the proud Lakota. I am not, to my knowledge, a descendant of the Lakota people, so I can’t speak for them, but I would venture to say that building a mall like this would not be high on their agenda.

Yes, MOA is full of people from around the world who visit frequently. However, if they don’t bring lots of money to spend on the exact items they could have bought cheaper online, then they will miss out on “America’s finest.”

What do you think?

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